General layout


General layout of drainage

In the EU area it is necessary to comply with the requirements that this group demand from its member states. The extend of the projects using European funds and their influence to current sewerage system infrastructure is huge, therefore the EU representatives require providing of drainage master plans as a basis for these projects.
Our company solves the drainage general layouts with help of simulation modelling methodology and by exploitation of the sewer network monitoring in a form of measuring of flow rates, precipitation and quality of water in such a way that after calibration and verification the hydraulic behaviour of the simulation model be as close to reality as possible.

The most important outputs of the general layouts are the designs of trunk sewers capacity increase needs and review of the storm overflow chambers in relation to receiving stream, namely particularly after connection of the peripheral parts of towns or new industrial zones.

Ensuring of funding through the Operational Programme Environment and design of general layout of urban drainage presents modern engineer method. Our company provides not only complex technical solution, but also securing of funding for the successful implementation of the project.


Urban drainage masterplan