Design department

 In the field of design and related services we provide:

  • geodetic activities
  • investment and engineering activities during the preparation and implementation of the project
  • ensuring of the documentation for zoning and building permit
  • preparation and implementation documentation
  • competitive conditions for supplier selection criteria and organization of competitions
  • designer’s supervision services
  • construction supervision and quality control of implemented structure
  • implementing the structures to operation and testing operation
  • assessment and design of used water management materials according to project documentation including finding the suppliers and tender processing

 In the field of designing we provide:

  • designs of water pipeline
  • designs of gravity sewerage systems
  • designs of vacuum sewerage systems
  • designs of pressure sewerage systems
  • designs of pneumatic transportation of waste waters
  • designs of pumping stations
  • designs of water treatment plants, sewage treatment plant
  • designing of trenchless pipeline sanitation and monitoring of sanitation efficiency
  • designs of watercourses modifications and objects on watercourses


Alternative Sewerage Methods

Design of vacuum and pressure sewer systems, pneumatic pumping systems and combinations of these systems with classic systems.