About us

Our company follows the roots of its beginnings in the nineties and now is based on the experience of designers, engineers and technicians, who in 2007 expanded our team, which continues in growing and remains open to those, who are interested in remarkable and varied work in the water management industry.

The basis of our activities is design, engineering, supply of water management technologies and trenchless technology. We have experiences in the preparation and implementation of the projects funded by national and European subsidies, funding by private investors and municipal budgets.

We are able to prepare you project financially, design and process the conception of optimal technical solution, consult or provide investment-engineering activity, provide technical and organizational support for your subsidy application, provide final approval for your structure, its final evaluation and completion in construction, water management structure or subsidy source area.


AQUECON Company Inc. implemented for its activities integrated system of quality management, environmental protection and health and safety protection at work.